The idea came up in 2018 with the intention of creating a platform for publishers as well as for advertisers. Digidum was launched in 2019, highlighting its transparency, vitality and dynamics. Nowadays, there are a lot of affiliate programs that offer good tools so we understand that it can be difficult sometimes to choose.



In Digidum, we work with premium publishers who own their own data. We work closely with clients to create optimized HTML email creatives to hit the right audience with a big focus on performance.




Do you need to increase your database of new users? We have one of the largest network of survey publishers to provide you with fresh data totally compliant and ready to be used, at scale.




We partner up with top advertisers and media publishers with the main goal of delivering results and creating long lasting, high value partnerships.





We are part of a holding company leading the European Cashback community; members get rewarded for performing actions and trying our best clients’ products and services. Millions of European users are ready to become our clients’ new customers.