The idea came up in 2018 with the intention of creating a platform for publishers as well as for advertisers. Digidum was launched in 2019, highlighting its transparency, vitality and dynamics. Nowadays, there are a lot of affiliate programs that offer good tools so we understand that it can be difficult sometimes to choose.

Here is where we come in, to present and offer you the first digital marketing agency based on the Blockchain system.

We are an innovative 360 ​​marketing agency specialized in affiliation with the safest technique available today: Blockcha.

We offer both publishers and advertisers the latest tools to help their audience grow, using the marketing-mix technique for long-term solutions.

Our people are our strength: our team of digital marketing enthusiasts offers you an extended knowledge in affiliation, e-mailing, lead generation, and display advertising. But our greatest assets come from our core values: transparency, innovation and personalization.

Reaching your goals is our first concern. Together, we will define the best tailor-made marketing-mix solutions to obtain the highest ROI from promotional campaigns. Our focus is on building your audience towards the right goal, ensuring the promotion of your brands and always providing you with the newest software solutions.

What makes us different from the rest of the agencies? We are using the newest and more secure technology available: Blockchain. In essence, blockchain is a disruptive technology that helps storing high amounts of data. Based on a proof-of-work system, smart contracts and peer-to-peer consensus storage mechanism, blockchain certifies transactions and clicks not to be manipulated. Our technology is constantly evolving to our clients highest satisfaction.